Andy Shanholtz kicks off our new series - Advocates In Action!

Andy Shanholtz is a Senior Pastor at Hope Community Church and is an Advocate in Action! An energetic and enthusiastic person, Andy engages and connects with people, which are assets in his roles as husband, father, grandfather, Pastor and MPACT Advocate.  Andy was motivated to become an Advocate by the tangible difference he could make in people’s lives: “…empowering members of the communities [MPACT is in] to break the cycle of lack and promote their personal self-worth and dignity.”

Not only are the communities empowered but so is Andy! In his own words: “MPACT gives me a voice and the tools to make a difference. The impact I can make through social media and crowd-funding is immense!” Andy is on a monthly subscription for a share of a cookstove and a 4-week supply of Mani+. He’s invited others to join his team and he’s also thinking outside the box of ways his church can get involved.


As a leader who spends his time mentoring young leaders, Andy knows he needs to invest in himself before he can invest in others. When asked what habits he’s adopted to develop himself as a leader, Andy replied, “Active Listening and daily soul care (prayer, reading Scripture). I also enjoy times of solitude and reflection, which is how I recharge myself.”

Andy’s investment in others and in himself is at the heart of MPACT Project! MPACT is a platform for you to be able to live an abundant, generous, fulfilling life while making it possible for others to pursue the same thing. Thank you, Andy, for the work you’re doing investing in people!