Expanding Our iMPACT en Español

Many Guatemalans escaped the political instability and economic hardships of their country to come to the US in hopes they would find a better life for their family. For those who remained, life continues to be hard and access to basic life needs (nutrition, clean water, clean air, sanitary conditions) are difficult to come by.

The creation of economic opportunities for those who don’t have access to any must be the foundation of development.
Eduardo Magermans, Latin America Director, MPACT Project

MPACT Project wants to make it easy for Guatemalans living in the US to get involved in changing the future of those who still remain in Guatemala. We’re excited to share the launch of our Spanish website, Esp.mpactproject.com, along with our new Facebook page, MPACT Latinoamérica! Using the Facebook page and website together will be a convenient way for Guatemalans to share with and invite others to join them in making a difference in the country they love.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to make a huge impact!

Problems can be solved quickly when people work together! We’re looking forward to what’s in store as lives are transformed and communities are strengthened! Share this great news with the spanish-speakers you know who want to make a tangible difference for others and for themselves!

MPACT Latinoamérica