MPACT Project empowers purpose-driven people to grow lives of dignity, meaning, and abundance for themselves and friends across the world.

Our MPACT Story

”Actually changing the world is better than just talking about it.” – Team MPACT Project

The History of MPACT

After a short but meaningful visit to Africa, Eric shared his experience with a businessman who caught the vision of effectively solving social problems through the power of business. MPACT Project was founded to create sustainability in villages around the world. The direction of MPACT Project was sealed after a summer trip to Guatemala.

Eric Welch recalls the trip, “We met with thought leaders and community members to discuss the current affairs of Guatemala and found that much of the good­-intentioned resources poured into the problems often ended in negative and unsustainable results.”

Eric was introduced to Eduardo Magermans who shared with him the approach to change called Arumonosagashi, a long­held Japanese principle to start with the existing. This approach has the ability to create dramatic outcomes that were apparent throughout areas of Guatemala. MPACT was given a close­-up view of Arumonosagashi, and their strategy for lasting social change was cemented. The effectiveness of “sagashi” matched the vision and values of MPACT Project.

In 2014, a talented team of like­-minded people was invited to join MPACT Project in building the foundation of the movement. After hearing about the needs in Guatemala, the concept of “sagashi” and the vision of MPACT, they were inspired to leave their careers and do something more with their talents.

Today, you are part of the movement. The needs have been identified, the marketplace is open and positive social change is happening. The strength and speed of the change in your hands.

About “Sagashi”

“Sagashi,” short for Arumonosagashi, guides us to discover the strengths that already exist. This method empowers change in our villages, community, and overall quality of life. By directly involving the villagers in determining their areas of need, they maintain their dignity, having a fully vested interest in the project and our results amplified.

About The Movement

We are building a movement of influencers that want to generate social change with business. Together we will mobilize people, communities, and resources to combat poverty, lack, and hopelessness. Your voice matters so join it with ours and let’s make an MPACT!

MPACT Staff in the Areas of Change

Accomplishing social change requires a large group of people working toward a common goal no matter their location. In addition to the team of social entrepreneurs and leaders in the United States, a team of local leaders are working to help their fellow countrymen improve their current state of life. The local team completes multiple stages of research, community development and relationship building before the MPACT process is able to start. During the social change process, products are implemented into homes, education is given and data is collected by the team on the ground in the developing village.

Stay Connected To The Movement!

Our Team Members Leading the Movement

The lead MPACT Project team is a group of passionate people dedicated to making a positive change in the lives of others. We know the world is ready for change, and we are here to be the foundation of the movement. The team spans two generations, speaks four languages and has an average of 3 pots of Guatemalan coffee per day.

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